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Welcome to Reception class W at Allerton CE Primary School in Leeds. Here, under the careful guidance of Mr Woolley, we will blog to the Big Wide World.

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Happy Blogging!

Easter Week

Our focus in Holy Week has been on the Easter story.

We shared what we remembered about Jesus from our Nativity, and learnt more stories of Jesus as he grew up. We shared stories Jesus told his disciples in our story time, and learnt about the last week of his life and the sacrifice he made.

We spoke a lot about the food we get to enjoy around Easter – and the significance of Easter bunnies and chicks (as well as chocolate!) At snack time, we noticed the crosses on our hot cross buns, before enjoying the buns’ fruity deliciousness.

We made Easter cards, and crafty chicks and loved spending time in the sunshine whenever we could.

Wishing you all a very happy and peaceful Easter break. Thank you for all of your support this term.

‘The whistle’s blowing, quick – jump aboard!’

In the classroom and outdoors, we have been boarding the Magic Train each day to imitate Sally Crabtree’s story, which you can sing along to at home if you would like. We took turns at being the station master (which presented the opportunity to punch holes in tickets and practise our number bonds to ten) and we ‘blew’ the whistle to send the train onto its next destination.

The children worked collaboratively in teams to see who could sequence the settings correctly first.

They then thought of a sentence, said the sentence, remembered the sentence, wrote the sentence and checked the sentence before adding some beautiful illustrations of their favourite or own imaginary setting. We had a lot of trips to fairy land – we even tried to find it on our globe.

Enjoy any imaginary adventures you explore over your weekend!

The world outside our window

This week we have been thinking about people around the world, who are less fortunate than ourselves. 

We learned that our classroom toilet is twinned with a latrine in Uganda, Africa. We learned that our toilet twin was over 5,800 miles away, so far away it was near what William recognised as “the equator”. We also noticed that their flag has a repeating pattern. We wondered how hot it might be in Uganda, and loved learning about Ugandan wildlife.

We also heard a story about an African girl called Rachel. She was very poor and her village had neither bins nor toilets. Consequently, the villagers were often sick. Some kind visitors came to the village and helped to build toilets. Rachel and her friends no longer suffer with tummy bugs and they can concentrate on their school work, which they love. We talked about how lucky we are to have indoor toilets in our school and homes.

To support Comic Relief, we all shared jokes. We also spent time thinking about how important it is to help others whenever we can. Thank you for your generous donations.

Sharing jokes and a smile for Comic Relief

Do you believe in magic? This week, we have watched magic tricks, witnessed dickie birds flying away and had a magic light in the classroom. The children had some wonderful ideas about what they might do if they were magicians. We then started to explore ‘Magic Train Ride’ by Sally Crabtree. The train took us into the jungle, underwater, outer space, a magic wood, the land of cakes and fairyland.  Next week, we will be thinking about where our magic train ticket might take us.

The weather has enticed us all outside this week and with the coming of Spring and Nowruz – Persian New Year – soon upon us, we went to visit our class tree. We saw leaves!!

Let’s hope for a sunny weekend – and a very happy Nowruz!

Science Week

Well done everyone – you’ve all settled back into school so happily this week. It has been lovely to see the children renew friendships and explore their classroom again. 

This week we have been learning all about our senses and how they help us to understand the world around us. We turned our noses up at smelly pots and tried to guess what it contained.
Bravely, we dipped our hands into a feely box to discover objects, which the children described as soft, squidgy, spiky, rough, bumpy, hard and silky. Crayon rubbings enabled us to capture the textures of materials we found outdoors.
We tried to identify our friends just by their voices and shared the story of ‘Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What do you hear?’
Our eyes were used to spot the early signs of Spring.
We tested our taste buds and considered if we preferred sour, bitter, sweet and salty flavours. 

March like a lion

…and hopefully we’ll go out like a lamb!

Here’s a selection of school and home learning we enjoyed this week.

Happy World Book Day from all the invited children and teachers of RW
We’re going back to school! More advantages than disadvantages!!!!!! See you all soon

A Celebration of Home Learning

Despite all the challenges the last few weeks have posed, it has been a real joy sharing some fantastic learning RW have done at home. We held three celebratory assemblies during the period away from school. In this blog post I wants to reiterate the congratulations we have for all the home workers. I’ve also included the certificates highlighting our learning of the week.

See you on Monday!!

Whatever Next?!

We did it everybody! 2 weeks of isolation; 2 weeks of home learning; 2 weeks of multi-tasking; 2 weeks of taking a deep breath!

I have been wordlessly impressed by how well everyone got on with their school work over our time away from school. Thank you for everyone who helped and everyone who shared their pictures – it’s been lovely to share in your learning, albeit remotely.

I loved how everyone – literally as well as figuratively – got on board with our story, Whatever Next, I’m sure some of our adventurers got to the moon:

The phonics and reading progress has been amazing, and I have been super impressed with how creative some of the maths games turned out.

So, whatever next? Well: Christmas of course!

It was so good seeing everyone on Friday. What an exciting day – out of the house; seeing our friends; exploring our Christmassy Classroom; playing in the snow!

We did have time to record one of our Christmas songs. For versions of the others – please take a look at Mrs Willis’ and Mrs Connelly’s blog:

Clip Clop Clip Clop

RW’s Home Learning

This week our bubble burst and we had to take home our learning, and wow: what great learning we all did!

Everyone did brilliantly – reading lots of stories; exploring number in a range of ways; finding time for our letter sounds; even a spot of baking. What a clever bunch!

Thanks everyone for sending in your photos – you’ve all (big and small) done brilliantly.

Please keep on emailing me and updating Tapestry to share your work! Now find some peace over the weekend…

Diwali Days

Hi everyone!

We had planned to explore Diwali with the children last week to coincide with the festival, but unfortunately our extended half-term pushed our planning back a bit.

However, this gave us the benefit of seeing some pictures from some of our children’s celebrations. It also gave us an opportunity to talk about all the fireworks we heard over the weekend and what they were for.

RW loved learning about the story of Rama and Sita (and especially the celebrations that greeted their return). To celebrate ourselves, we made diya lamps, Diwali cards, and even learned a dance routine from Mrs Ajith!

Mrs Ajith brought in some clothes for us to try on too. They were very fancy!

Inspired by the Diwali legend, Mrs Johnston worked with some children to create some of their own stories. This bunch constructed train tracks and tales:

Telling tales with Mrs J

Our value this fortnight is peace. We certainly wish that everyone has a peaceful weekend. See you on Monday!

peace-at-last-by-jill-murphy – Slap Happy Larry
peace at last

Still life in a pumpkin patch

Hi everyone!

This week we explored the book, Pumpkin Soup: a story where 3 friends work together to create the most delicious meal. But to get there they needed to help and support each other. Not only did the book help us to draw further emotions for our worry monster to gobble up, it also sparked a curiosity in the class to investigate the details in things (in particular – and perhaps without coincidence – a well curated class pumpkin patch):

using pastels, water colours, charcoal, graphite and pumpkinsful of imagination to explore what we see in a vegetable

After all that work, it was only fair that our very own Mrs Willis donned a pinny and prepped us some pumpkin soup. The recipe? Something similar – but perhaps with less fur and fewer feathers – to:

and do you remember how much salt duck added?
Pumpkin Soup. For some, the best they ever tasted.

Our value this week has been love. Some children loved the pumpkin soup, but more typically our conversations about love turned to family, friends, pets and even school!

love, love, love

Miss Bramham has started taking groups out in Forest School sessions and this week the children explored the woods and made leaf rubbings.

luckily, Gruffalos are in hibernation now

Mr Mercer returned this week, bringing sunshine and smiles. We were all glad to join him for a sing song.

all together now:

march to the beat:

flap flap flap: