Waiting in the fast lane

Last week, we all planted some runner beans with the firm intention of finding giants.
This week, our feet are still firmly on terra firma and our hearts slightly despondent as shoots are yet to be seen from our plants. With the burst of hail on Thursday, we questioned whether the giants were taunting us. So…

To keep track on our progress we’ve planted a class bean and started a diary to follow its growth. I wonder what we’ll see when we’re back at school on Tuesday. To paraphrase Jasper’s Beanstalk, we’ll wait and wait and wait…

On Monday, we found a bean, planted it, and watered it (tasks that took Jasper 3 days! I think this says a lot about teamwork (and maybe even fictional cats))
Jasper’s Beanstalk certainly planted a lot of creative seeds this week

On Friday, our hearts began to leap: our first day in our PE kits! We explored the school’s playing fields, ran laps of the football pitch and played a quick game of tag. As we warmed down we felt for our heartbeat, noticing the rhythm had definitely sped up!

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