Still waiting, and waiting and waiting

We’ve just waited and waited and waited our way through week 2 of our runner bean’s existence. Unlike Mrs Shipley (who must’ve headed to Homebase for extra help), we haven’t yet seen a bean shoot unfurl through the soil. We’ve been doing all the right things, organically (Mrs S!), so hopefully we’ll see something other than soil on Monday.

We’ve been adding actions to our story – Jasper’s Beanstalk. Here’s Matthew demonstrating the passing of time as we wait:

We’ve certainly been busy exploring nature this week: fetching eggs (making protective egg cups too), and seeing how much our tadpole is growing:

It’s been great talking to parents in consultation meetings this week. A frequent topic of conversation is how much the children are enjoying skipping. Not only is it keeping them fit, but it’s also exercising their creative learning and resilience. They are showing that they’re enjoying the challenge of skipping as well as the result of skipping. Delightfully, they’re sharing the successes of others too (speaking of which, we’ll have to print quite a few more gold certificates to celebrate the children’s perseverance!!!)

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