Forbearance: for our bean

These past two weeks, we’ve been considering the value of forbearance. For us – we concentrated on the idea of patience, and showing restraint. With Mr Woolley as their teacher, RW have grown adept in this particular virtue. With Mr Woolley’s less than green fingers, tolerance might be wearing thin.

Mrs Shipley’s class kindly offered to share their bean with us. Our bean must’ve been lonely. A shoot sprouted! Suffice to say, we were slightly excited:

We also visited our class tree and marvelled at the blossom bellowing above us:

In PE, we explored different ways of moving, and imagined how big our hearts might be in our chests:

It was a busy week of writing. We innovated the story Jasper’s Beanstalk to include our class (pup)pet, Jelly the Elephant:

Jelly's Apple Tree (by Lyra)

Jelly’s Apple Tree (by Lyra)

Jelly's Apple Tree (by Alisha)

Jelly’s Apple Tree (by Alisha)

On Monday, Jelly found an apple seed.

Jelly's Apple Tree (by Ethan)

Jelly’s Apple Tree (by Ethan)

On Tuesday, she planted it.

Jelly's Apple Tree (by Eva)

Jelly’s Apple Tree (by Eva)

On Wednesday, she watered it.

Jelly's Apple Tree (by Albert)

Jelly’s Apple Tree (by Albert)

On Thursday, she stuck a bamboo stick into the ground.

Jelly's Apple Tree (by Charlie)

Jelly’s Apple Tree (by Charlie)

On Friday night she picked up all the caterpillars and ants.

Jelly's Apple Tree (by William)

Jelly’s Apple Tree (by William)

On Saturday she even stomped on it!

Jelly's Apple Tree (by Edith)

Jelly’s Apple Tree (by Edith)

On Sunday, she waited and waited and waited. This apple will never make an apple tree.

Jelly's Apple Tree (by Ola)

Jelly’s Apple Tree (by Ola)

BUT! A long long time later, it did.

Jelly's Apple Tree (by Callum)

Jelly’s Apple Tree (by Callum)

Now Jelly’s looking for apples.

Our writers in action

Eid Mubarak to all who celebrated! We look forward to learning about your celebrations next week. Have a good weekend everybody!

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